Event Management

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Our past events have been massive successes bringing in huge crowds and celebrating hundreds of businesses all across Ireland for over a decade.
Brian Cunningham is one of the premier awards event organisers in Ireland. Bringing class, excitement and grandeur to his awards and ceremonies
Our awards empower the local businesses and industry professionals allowing them to showcase their talent in front of our industry expert judges after a public vote.
Our awards are in association with a range of amazing radio stations, where their listeners and the public vote and nominate their favourite businesses.
We have worked with a huge amount of local and national radio on a variety of different music, awards and other events
Radio stations we have worked with include:

Past Events

The 2019 Hospitality Awards is a fantastic showcase of the feeling and excitement that these amazing award ceremonies bring.
After all of the lockdowns, people want to come out and support the business they love after an incredibly difficult time over the last two years. These events are a celebration of all the hard work they put into satisfying their customers.