Brian Cunningham's Face Of Wexford

Brian Cunningham’s Face of Ireland is making a return! Starting in the beautiful sunny South East with The Face Of Wexford. We are delighted to bring this incredible competition back to help us find the perfect ambassador for Wexford for home and abroad.

This modern, diverse and inclusive competition aims to showcase the best of personalities, talents, styles, and accomplishments and from that choose a person/face to represent the communities, commerce, tourist sector and so much more!

The focus is not on achieving perfection because you are already perfect just the way you are. Rather, it’s about feeling self-assured in your own skin. It’s crucial to convey this message to the younger generation so they can embrace their inherent worth. And to all the people, let’s remember that we are resilient, capable and that we possess everything we need to succeed.

Tips to Submit!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Emma and I wrote a few handy tips for your application.

Give this a full read thought before beginning your application.
For the basic info like names, phone, email & address just make sure all the information you submit is truthful and correct!

For the Bio, we have broken it down into three sections to make it easier.

About you: What kind of person are you? What are you doing with your life at this moment?

Achievements: What you have done that you are proud of? no matter how big or small!

Why you should win: The reason you believe you should be the ambassador for Wexford. What makes you the best choice?

Video: These will not be made public! A short 30-second video is all it would take! Introduce yourself and let your personality show!

Images: A headshot (This can be a good selfie!) and a few images to support anything you have mentioned so far! Hobbies, Awards anything like that!

Face of Wexford Application

Age Confirmation
Maximum upload size: 50MB
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Terms and Conditions


  1. The Face of Wexford Competition hereinafter called “the contest” runs on Friday 14th of July inclusive.
  2. The contest is open to males/females of any nationality who reside in Ireland and are a resident of Co. Wexford.
  3. The contestant will adhere to the rules and guidelines of the contest.
  4. The contestant must be in Amber Springs Hotel no later than 2pm on Friday 14th of July 2023.
  5. The contestant will agree to make herself available for the entire contestant’s itinerary which will include a press launch.
  6. The contestant must dress suitably for all events on the 2023 contestant itinerary. A dress code will be issued together with the itinerary.
  7. The contestant agrees to make her/himself available for all photo shoots and publicity-orientated events and to release all relevant pictures for use by the contest in any way the contest shall deem suitable.
  8. All photographs, videos etc. of any or all of the contestants shall remain the property of the contest and all rights to the same belong to the contest.
  9. A Table will be reserved for each candidate to accommodate 10 Guests at the Gala Ball which is Smart Dress but should you require more tickets it is of great importance that you let us know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Please let us know so we can assure your party will be catered for. Tickets are priced very reasonably this year. 10 Tickets must be purchased or sponsored for this event. The contest has no financial liability to any relative of the contestant.
  10. Each candidate will have to perform a party piece lasting no longer than Four Mins and a minimum of Two Minutes on the Day of the Event. The Party piece can be literally anything with one exception a poem. Poems are not permitted unless written and verified by the contestant.
  11. The contest has no responsibility for any relative of the contestant, other than would be normally extended to any visitor to the contest.
  12. While attending the contest the contestant agrees that they are an ambassador for the contest and will agree to dress and act accordingly.
  13. Should the contestant win the title of the 2023 Face of Wexford Competition, They will make herself available to attend any functions deemed necessary for her to attend by the contest up to and including the 2023 Face of Ireland Competition.
  14. The contestant will provide the contest with 1 completed Contract of Agreement no later than July 1st 2023. This deadline must be adhered to, unless previously agreed in writing with the competition coordinator.
  15. The Judges will have the final say and will comprise three/four well know personalities from the modelling, TV, fashion, and entertainment industry.
  16. The Contest has the right to disqualify any contestant if the contest believes that they are not obeying proper conduct with a no refund policy in place
  17. Dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Face of Wexford. An alternative date will be provided to accommodate the contest but should a candidate pull out of the competition there will be a no refund policy.
  18. No refunds will be given should a candidate pull out of the competition.
  19. The contestant’s background must not have any elements that could potentially cast a negative image on the Face of Wexford brand. The Contest has the right to disqualify based on this with a no refund policy in place
  20. Contestants must be over the age of 18 at the time of application.