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We have been connecting and celebrating thousands of businesses with tens of thousands of customers.

Brian Cunningham had been organizing awards events across Ireland for over two decades, with a focus on engaging young entrepreneurs, professionals and their customer base to celebrate the industries they are involved in.

Brian has made the Hospitality Awards and the Customer Excellence Awards into massive events celebrated in the south-east and midlands regions, and recently launched the Hair Beauty and Style Awards in Wexford, shining a light not only on the large salons, spas and boutiques, but also on freelancers, style influencers and other young people starting out in their industries.



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Brian Cunningham Management is proud to represent a range of amazing Irish talent and personalities.
We represent some of the most successful and talented individuals in country music. Brian Cunningham has a rich history with music event management and has worked with a huge list of A-list celebrities.


Brian has been in radio for well over 20 years. Bringing incredible interviews to the homes, offices and cars of people all over the country. Chatting with people like George Hook, Brendan Courtney, Eddie O’Sullivan, Nicola Tallant, Ivan Yates, Mario Rosenstock and many many more.

Thought out the years Brian has managed to have some of the most famous conversations on the nation’s air waves.